Tech Express offers its clients a wide-range of on-demand technology services and equipment customized to support the diverse needs of enterprise organizations and individual consumers. Looking for professional network installation? Need assistance figuring out how to use your new iPad? Worried about network and computer security? Need a backup solution? Have a PC that has slowed down, has a virus or just needs repair? No problem! Our certified technicians can come to your location, remotely login to your network, server or computer, or diagnose and repair in our office location. No job is too big or too small for Tech Express.

Network Installation by Tech Express Computer and Electronic Repairs by Tech Express Help Desk Services by Tech Express

Our certified technicians professionally configure, install and maintain IT networks for your home or business.

Tech Express has worked with a full range of network technologies, from fixed and wireless LANs to server installations.

Tech Express repairs ALL of your computers and gadgets including:

  • Networking gear
  • Servers
  • PC desktops, laptops and tablets including the Apple iPad
  • Mac computers including the Macbook and iMac
  • Cell phones including Android, Blackberry and Apple iPhones
  • Printers and other electronic accessories

Want computer repairs from the privacy of your own home? We are able to remotely diagnose and repair most computers without you having to leave the office or house.

Do you have technology questions that require additional expertise and support?

Tech Express Help Desk services provides your business with a rapid response support team to address all of your employee’s technical questions. Tech Express will personalize its Help Desk services to meet the specific needs or your organization.

Our trained staff is both courteous and knowledgeable and works efficiently to resolve all your technology requests.

Call 1-800-349-3670 today for service!